Use car battery charging, you can borrow electricity from a battery in your own car that won't start a fire and has a small amount of power, this is the characteristic of the ultracapacitor. It does not need to be charged in advance. It can be directly borrowed from the residual electricity in your car by the ultracapacitor and then charged to your car, and the whole process takes less time.

1. Use car battery charging. Charging Time:when the voltage: >10V, 1-1.5 minutes, the voltage: >6V, 3 minutes, the voltage: >4V 10 minutes.

2. Charging with 12V Socket: 2-3 minutes.

3. USB Charging: 20-40 minutes.

of course, you can use the wall outlet to charger it, but it takes longer to charger, and unlike traditional starters, supercapacitor starters are not lithium batteries, it does not need to be charged at home for later use, it is a ready-to-use starters